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House Cleaning Service that Will Keep Your Home Spotless

What else we can offer you:

  • Vetted, equipped and qualified cleaning experts
  • Availability for house cleaning appointments seven days a week and during bank holidays, in and around Hendon
  • Practical rates and cost-efficient packages
Domestic Cleaning Services
Regular Cleaning£14/h
Weekly Cleaning£14/h
Monthly Cleaning£14/h
One Off Cleaning£16/h

Are you on the look-out for a professional cleaning service for your entire home? Are you already fed up with the piles and piles of cleaning jobs waiting for your at home every day? Are you sick and tired of having a second job at home that takes up too much of your time for relaxation and you are obligated to wash dishes, scrub the oven, sanitise taps, disinfect the toilet, wash windows, etc?

All of your cleaning problems can be easily solved. Call our company right away and book a professional house cleaning service in Hendon from our company and you will get to enjoy our reasonable and budget-friendly prices.

Using our professional cleaning services for help will give your home back its high levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Our cleaning teams have been cleaning flats and houses for many years and have taken care of various house cleaning jobs.

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choose the date and time
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Our teams will come to your home equipped and will have eco-friendly cleaning products and other tools to help them in disinfecting and cleaning your entire home. It is up to you to decide what we clean and what we do not clean. Our house cleaning teams work seven days a week and operate in all of Hendon.

We are offering you the chance of having your home vacuumed, dusted, all surfaces polished, the toilet will be sanitised, the kitchen counter scrubbed, the trash will be thrown away, etc. Leave such tasks to our experts who will do everything to the maximum result. Bacteria and germs will be eliminated, spots and soils will be cleaned, etc.

We have decided train our cleaning teams into being very detail-oriented and work with minimum downtime in order to provide you with expedient services and give you maximum results. You can be certain that your home will be visited by experienced and skilled professionals.

This company was recommended to me when I needed someone to deal with the domestic chores. Their cleaner is extremely comprehensive and always does her job very well. The price I pay for her assistance is also pretty decent. Excellent house cleaning services! – Jacky

Customer Satisfaction
Average Rating ▣▣▣▣▣ 4.6 out of 5

▣▣▣▣▣ 76% Excellent Cleaning Service
▣▣▣▣▣ 20% Great Cleaning Service
▣▣▣▣▣ 3% Good Cleaning Service
▣▣▣▣▣ 1% Average Cleaning Service
▣▣▣▣▣ 0% Poor Cleaning Service